Features & Functions

We have implemented a wide range of database centric applications across many business types.

Here are some of the main ones.

Business Management Databases Workflow

These model the whole workflow of the business, typically contact management, producing quotes, stock control , booking or producing the orders, delivery and Invoicing

Bespoke Applications Unique businesses

Some businesses are different and require unique applications to meet there needs.

We have many years of experience at building from scratch, or adapting designs and workflows to fit any requirement.

Public Frontend & Management Backend applications Sales & bookings

This Involves a public website (or for a private group) and a management backend to administer the website and the requests of the users

e.g Orders, Booking requests and Helpdesk tickets

Reports print it out

Databases need to produce output, quotes, stock lists,order and invoices, Some electronic and emailed other to paper.

Mobile applications Database in your pocket

Primaxial can build mobile device applications' as standalone or additional applications for your staff to access and interact with the company database

Typical functions include: Access client data, Jobs data, and stock. Log delivery and collections, capture images and signatures to upload to the database.

Management Dashboards

A dashboard is a management tool which brings key data together in one place shows in a graphical presentation.

These are really useful at getting an overall view, using current data. Orders per months, Staff stats, quotes converted, expected production etc.