Database centred Applications

Data and ERP applications at the heart of your business

Custom database applications and websites

Primaxial specialises in designing and building database applications (Enterprise Resource Planning) for small and medium sized business. these can range from specific task based, to applications which manage all aspects of the business workflow.

the problem a lot of our customer had was having business which doesn’t fit the standard model, had specific applications or didn't want the cost or problems with an of the shelf application which they could make to fit there business or had many features they didn't need.

Web based or desktop applications or both!

With a Central "backend" database there are no limits on the number or type of application which be used to "pull and push" data - collect, add, view or use the data on a variety of platforms.

Android/IOS Database applications (apps)

These Let you or your customers get access to your data anywhere. These can be fore specifc tasks or cut down versions of the main application used in the office for example..

  • Delivery system
  • Log you has delivered an item with signature/photo
  • Manage Jobs or check stock
  • View your stock levels back at the warehouse or control production jobs while out of the office

Business Process Management (Enterprise Resource Planning)

We have completed all types and combinations, and some unique ones, the main types:

  • Sale Quote Systems
  • Stock and purchase orders
  • help desk ticket management and time management
  • Delivery and collection
  • Booking and slot reservations
  • Stocks & data services
  • Membership management
  • Events
  • Invoicing


Most business have data held in several databases used for different tasks.

We can build applications which allow the passing data between them or getting data from elsewhere to augment your own: cutting out double entry, improving workflow and keeping consistent data.

  • Accounts -Sage/Xer0
  • Marketing - Mailchimp
  • Stock & Manufacturing
  • Other on site or API data sources

Tools we use... lots of tools

To Develop and manage the applications we use a range of tools and services, these are all well supported and of industry leading standards.